Ordering Samples – It is important to order samples so that you can see the colors and patterns in your own space.  Also, keep in mind that computer monitor color calibrations can be different.  Once you have the samples and have an idea of what you want, you can talk with Mary about specific fabrics for your furniture.

Choosing a Piece or Covering Your Own for a particular space…. Look at the color group area of this site to get an idea of what you want. Then go to the pattern area and choose specific fabric samples.  Or, Email Mary photos of your room and surroundings and have her put a group of fabric samples together for you.

Designing Furniture for a New Space… Go to the color group’s area and see what appeals to you. Choose 1-3 color groups, then choose the specific fabrics (in that color group) from the patterns area of the site. Or, have Mary help you choose the specific fabric samples you want sent.
Remember, in designing a new space it is best to pick your rug and fabrics first.  Match the wall color later.  Paint comes in limitless colors.
If you just love a specific piece of furniture in a specific color on this site… Order it and design your space around it!!!

Cost for Samples:
3” X 3”-$3
6” X 6”- $5
16” X 16”- $20
Note: When ordering a sample of a fabric with a large repeat you might want to order a larger sample to see the whole repeat. Larger samples are based on the standard price of $98/yd