Windham Chair

Sage - handcrafted upholstered Windham chair
SAGE – Windham Chair in Lily, Maureen, and Majorca fabrics of whimsical sage, greens, purples; legs are mahogany brown.
Bordeaux - handcrafted upholstered Windham chair
BORDEAUX – Windham Chair in Lily, Maureen, bouquet, and Majorca fabrics in robust reds, purples, and greens; legs are mahogany brown.
Blue Lavender - handcrafted upholstered Windham chair
BLUE LAVENDER – Windham Chair in Margaret’s Vine, Maureen, Bouquet, and Poppy fabrics in blues, lavender, and olive, trimmed in purple and blue; legs are mahogany brown.
MARGARET'S VINE PLUM - handcrafted upholstered Windham chair
MARGARET’S VINE PLUM – Windham Chair in Margaret’s Vine, Maureen, and Majorca fabrics in beautifully contrasting Reds and purples with splashes of blue and olive; legs are mahogany brown.
Windham Chair

In a class by themselves…..the Windham presents many options! A pair of these upholstered chairs bestriding an artistic table or several grouped beautifully around your dining table and as true stars will partner gracefully with other side and host chairs. High crested back, discrete wings and low sweeping arm.

Mary Lynn O’Shea constructs these functional works of art with an artistic eye, to combine her uniquely created jacquard fabrics, lovely floral and complementary designs.  All pieces are handcrafted and produced in the USA.

***See Fabric Color Group pages for more color combinations!***

Item Name Outiside Dimensions Inside Dimensions Seat Height
Windham Chair H:44" W:26" D:28" H:25" W:20" D:20" 19"