Ordering Furniture

Ordering Furniture
You can choose one of Mary Lynn’s artistic upholstered furniture designs from the website or with her help, you can create your own custom order. Make your own choices about which jacquard woven fabrics you would like incorporated! Here is how it is done:

  • Choose a Piece of Furniture from this website or visit one of our shows or our studio (by appointment) to check out the furniture in person. Every piece is comfortable and supportive.
  • Choose Fabrics and Colors from the fabric and color group pages. Choose one fabric or several! Refer to price list for additional fees on custom orders. Fabric samples should be ordered to verify colors and see them in your space.
  • Confer With Mary once you have an idea of styles and colors you like. Emailing photos of your room with other furniture, rugs, artwork, etc will help in deciding what works best. A diagram with small, labeled samples showing fabric placement will then be sent for approval.
  • Place Your Order! A deposit of ½ the total price is required upon approval of the diagram. The rest is due approximately 3 weeks before delivery, and the delivery charge will be billed after you receive your order.
  • Delivery Schedule depends on the availability of the chosen fabrics. If all are in stock, delivery is 6-8 weeks, if fabric needs to be woven delivery could be 16-20 weeks. (Not that long considering each piece is custom-made, by hand, here in the U.S.)